He’s God of the Valleys Too
Let the Pickles Glow
Who Can Live on the Holy Hill?
There’s No Room in the boat for both
Have you lost your Song?
One More night with the Frogs
Kingdom Bringers
Where’s Waldo?
The Unheard Cry of the Children
Not Following the Herd
I’ll say Thanks if I feel like it
Lessons from a Farm Dog
It All Goes Back in the Box
A Sheep Like It or Not
It’s How You Finish That Counts
Mary’s Choice & Martha’s Lesson
The Bottom Line
Practicing Agape
The First Missionary Jesus Sent
Only If You Are a Little N.U.T.S.
Call 9-1-1 IGUANA
The Lord Needs….
We’ve Never Been This way Before
It Ain’t All Bad-The Thanksgiving Dirge
Expectation of Hope
Moved by Love
Expectation of Joy
Expectation of Peace
Being Surround
Mask Not Your Heart
Unmeasurable God
The Game Changers
Are you?
Take the Mountain
Laying Aside
It Ain’t All Bad-Don’t Be Dismayed
It Ain’t All Bad-Pack it Up
It Ain’t All Bad-Cheese with that Whine
It Ain’t All Bad-You’re Not in This Alone
It Ain’t All Bad-Blood is Thicker Than Water
Jesus is Watching Us-Pastor Chuck Asche
Lessons Learned
Got Grace?
Are You Buying This
Because I Said So
Stay the Course
Sprint or Marathon
Pick One
I Get No Respect
Used in God’s Hands
What’s Your Name
Not Santa Claus
God Bless America
Do We Grieve?
Good Tree-Good Fruit
As A Man Thinks
Paying the Piper
The Yoke
The Long Game
Grow Where You Are Planted
Watch Out for Wolves
Write This Down
Get in the Wheelbarrow

The Expected Guest, Working

The Expected Guest, Wowing

The Light
Stuck in a Rut


Jude, For the New Year (Part 1) Pastor David Erdman
Jude, For the New Year (Part 2) Pastor David Erdman
We Can Trust Jesus Pastor Daniel Rodriguez
Paying Attention
It’s Time
Restored Hope
The Key to Obedience
Hope is Not Canceled
Renewed Courage
From Gloom to Glory
It Ain’t All Bad
Making A Joyful Noise
Living in Victory
The Whatever Mindset
The Whatever Mindset: True & Noble
The Whatever Mindset: Just & Pure
The Whatever Mindset: Lovely
The Whatever Mindset: Commendable and Excellence
The Whatever Mindset: Praise
The Whatever Mindset: Think
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