Love of God Series; Gospel of John

Love of God at Breakfast

Love of God Cancels Doubts

Love of God Rises from the Dead

God’s Love on Trial

Love of God Arrested

God’s Love vs. the World’s Hatred

Abiding in God’s Love

God’s Love Prays for Us

God’s Love and the Helper

God’s Love Provides Assurances

God’s Love Prepares for Heartache

God’s Love Stands for Us

God’s Love Comforts

God’s Love as the Good Shepherd

New Year

New Year’s Challenge

Advent Series

God’s Love Through Jesus

God’s Love Brings Peace

God’s Love Brings Joy

God’s Love Chooses Parents

God’s Love Provides a Messenger

The Love of God Series; Gospel of John

God’s Love Brings Sight

God’s Love Shows Grace and Mercy

God’s Love Provides Living Water

God’s Love Tests us Part 2

God’s Love Tests us Part 1

God’s Love Causes Trouble

God’s Love for the Outcast; John 4

God’s Love and Humility; John 3

The First sign of God’s Love; John 2

God’s Love Revealed; John 1

VBS Sunday

A Ride of a Life Time

2 Timothy Series

Be READY in Christ

What we should LEARN in Christ

What we should BE in Christ

What we have in Christ

Troubled Families of the Bible

Imperfect Fathers; Jephthah

Dealing with In-Laws; David and Saul

Family Responsibilities; Judah and Tamar

Feeling Unloved; Leah

Isaac and Rebekah play Favorites

Abraham, Sarah and Hagar

Building God’s Church Series

1 Timothy 6

1 Timothy 5

1 Timothy 4

1 Timothy 3 part 2

1 Timothy 3 part 1

1 Timothy chapter 2

1 Timothy chapter 1

Transform Your Attitude, Romans 12:2

Rebellion to Submission

Doubt to Faith

Criticism to Love

Coveting to Contentment

Complaining to Thankfulness


Christmas in the Old Testament

Christmas Afterthought

Elijah Foreshadows Christmas (12.24.17)


David Foreshadows Christmas (12.17.17)


Joshua Foreshadows Christmas (12.10.17)


The Plan of Christmas (12.3.17)

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